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If anyone remembers auto race tracks in Shenandoah, Brandonville or Ringtown,
during the 1930s, please let Michael Casin know.
From: Michael Cason <>
To: Bill Simons <>
Sent: Friday, January 8, 2016 9:26 AM
Subject: Re: Shenandoah Speedway

Thank you for your response.  What I do know is it operated in the 1930's, a driver from Lebanon named Ted Nyquist won there, it was approximately a 1/2 mile dirt oval and probably a flat track as well.  It appears that overburden from a strip mine covered it over.  I'm also trying to obtain information on 2 other nearby tracks, the 1/4 mile track in Ringtown and the 1/2 mile track in Brandonville.
On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 2:41 AM, Bill Simons <> wrote:

Sorry Michael, I had not heard of the race tracks before your email.

Good luck
Michael Cason <>
Sent: Monday, January 4, 2016 4:29 PM
Subject: Shenandoah Speedway

 I am part of a group known as Coal Region Racing and we are trying to document the race tracks that once existed in Schuylkill County.  There was once a race track in Shenandoah and I would like to know if you have any information about it.  From my research, it was located along present day Route 54 in the south east end of the borough.  From comparing old aerial photos from Penn Pilot, it may have actually been covered up under a large rock bank. 
Any information or even photos would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,Michael R. Cason
Fm: Elizabeth Brooks
Date: Aug 19 at 2:05

Hi Bill,

I am emailing on behalf of my grandmother, Joann Krizanauskas (Shenandoah Catholic High School, 1953).
She is trying to find her friend Irene (formerly Borowiez or Borowiec, she isn't sure). She knows that in 1981 she was living in Long Island and was married, so she now has a different name.
I have been searching but I cannot find her anywhere.
She is an only child and we do not know the name of her parents.
She graduated from Shenandoah Catholic High School in 1953.
If you can find any information, we would very much appreciate it!
Thank you so much!

From: Alyce cerniglia <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 5, 2013 3:21 PM
Subject: Shenandoah

Hello Bill,

I noticed that when I googled Shenandoah and Rowley family a note pops up yet I'm unable to access it when I click on it.  The note says something about the rowley family with peggy, honey, sarah, jane, patsy, rose and Jack.    

I am trying to find information out about our relatives, the Rowleys from Shenandoah.  
Father was Patrick Joseph Rowley born dec 19 1893.  

Thank you,


From: francinemonaghan <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Saturday, July 27, 2013 2:26 PM
Subject: Shenandoah pa family

Sent from my iPad

My name is Frances Monaghan and I was born in shenandoah pa.
My father Stephen was born in lost creek pa and my mom was born in girardville pa.
Her name was viola gaughan Monaghan.
My uncle mart Monaghan was the postmaster of lost creek pa.
Does anyone remember this family.

Many thanks.

Francie m
Wed, June 23, 2010 9:34:45 PM
From: ""
Biography for Sidney Miller
More at IMDbPro »

Date of Birth
22 October 1916, Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, USA

Date of Death
10 January 2004, Los Angeles, California, USA (parkinson's disease)

Mini Biography
Sidney Miller was born Sydney L. Miller in Shenandoah, PA, on October 22, 1916, the son of Polish immigrants who already had two daughters. When Sydney was 14 his father, a tailor, sold his business and moved the family to Los Angeles. There Sydney got the acting bug, and his first film was an uncredited bit part in Penrod and Sam (1931). He worked steadily, although uncredited, over the next few years, his persona that of a brash and somewhat annoying street kid. His persistence paid off, though, and in 1933 he got his first screen credit (changing his first name from "Sydney" to "Sidney"). His big break came in 1938 when he starred opposite Mickey Rooney in Boys Town (1938) in which, unlike many of Rooney's colleagues, Sidney actually got along well with the star and the two became friends. Miller had an innate musical talent and soon was writing lyrics for Rooney's musical compositions. He often worked in front of or behind the cameras in many of Rooney's films in the 1930s. His musical work continued after Rooney joined the army during World War II, and his career began to shift from mainly acting to mainly songwriting.

In the late 1940s he worked extensively in radio and wrote the musical material for the nightclub acts of several Hollywood song-and-dance men, such as Donald O'Connor (Miller also worked onstage with O'Connor at times). O'Connor was picked to host the early television variety series "The Colgate Comedy Hour" (1950), and Miller went along as part of the show's writing team. After his stint on that show ended, he joined Walt Disney Studios, where he wrote, directed and composed music for many of Disney's TV series, including "The Mickey Mouse Club" (1955), for which Walt Disney wanted a complete revamping after the first season, and told Miller to change the show to appeal more to teenagers than to the very young children at which it was originally aimed. Miller brought in new writers and choreographers, gave the Mousketeers more musical numbers and comedy skits and turned the show into a sort of mini-variety show. Although that was what Walt Disney wanted, it didn't go over particularly well with the audience, and the numbers for the show went down. In addition, Miller could be somewhat abrasive as a director, which caused some friction on the set among the cast. Although there was talk of Miller directing a remake of Babes in Toyland (1934) at Disney in 1957, that film wasn't made until four years later (Babes in Toyland (1961)) and was directed by former song-and-dance man and choreographer Jack Donohue, as Miller had left Disney by that time.

Sidney Miller may well best be remembered for having directed Lou Costello's only starring film after his break-up with Bud Abbott, The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock (1959), which unfortunately didn't do the careers of either man much good. In the 1960s he directed many television series episodes, such as "My Favorite Martian" (1963), "Get Smart" (1965) and "The Addams Family" (1964) and played small parts in several films and TV shows. In the 1970s his onscreen output declined and he did much voice-over work in animated series.

Married three times, he is the father of actor Barry Miller with first wife Iris Burton. Sidney Miller passed away in Los Angeles from Parkinson's Disease on January 10, 2004.
Date: Wed, June 23, 2010 9:29:38
Subject: A little more info about Shenandoah
From: ""

Hi Bill,

Here are 2 more famous people from Shenandoah that have slipped thru the cracks.

Michael Edwards (real name Michael Edwar Slovitsky), who wrote the song " Once in a While" and it was # 1 on the charts I guess back in the 30's.

The other one is Sidney Miller, who starred in several movies with Donald O'Connor.
Also wrote for and directed movies.

Yes I'm still looking for stats on Matt Mikosz. Member of Shen HS football team
Date: Sun, 23 May 2010 17:54:21 -0400
Subject: A family member and minister in Shenandoah during the 1930s
Part(s): 2 Jack & Uncle Wesley018.jpg image/jpg 2552.62 KB

Hello, friends;

Like many others whose emails I have read on your page, I am looking for information about a family member.
He was Wesley Boyd, minister of the Primitive Methodist Church in Shenandoah during the 1930s. He and his wife, (Aunt Nora) were very active with the community of Welsh miners in the city. I think they may have been the majority of their church's membership.
Uncle Wesley's cousin was also a minister in Mahanoy City during that same period.

If there is anyone who might recall anything about the Boyds, I would appreciate getting in touch. I have included a picture of Wesley with this message.

Thanks in advance for you help: (the Rev) Richard Unsworth

Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 15:35:30 -0400
From: Christine Schuyler
Subject: Shenandoah

Hello Bill, great website. It is very informative!

I was hoping you could post this to your Emails page. I am researching my husband's family. His great-grandfather, Mason George Cogswell, emigrated from England and came to Shenandoah around 1868. He worked for Mr Hopkins (possibly David) at his shoe factory and store. He married Mr Hopkins's daughter, Margaret, around 1869-1870. They had at least three children, possibly more, and in March 1880 they buried three of them all within one week (perhaps from diphtheria). Their names were Georgie, Ada and Lizzie and they are buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery in Shenandoah Heights.

Sometime between March 1880 and 1890, Mason and Margaret moved to Manistee, Michigan. Another son, David, died there in 1899. Mason died in 1897 and Margaret in 1901. Two daughters, Lillian and Elizabeth Rae (known as "Rae") moved to Philadelphia, PA.

They also had cousins in Shenandoah as of a 1919 postcard we have -- from the Dove family. Names I have are Sarah, Chester and Mary. Not sure how they are related but perhaps a sister of Margaret married a Dove.

If anyone has further info,I would love to hear from you -- please email me at
. Thanks!!
Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 21:16:11 -0500
From: Frey
Subject: Shenandoah 1958 Southern Division Championship Team

Can anyone give me the list of teams they played and the scores of Shenandoah's 1958 Southern Division championship season that year?

None of my searches found anything but I remember that they won using a single wing offense.

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 21:42:53 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: Shenandoah

I have been looking for months and I am very happy to have found your site.
I am trying to get info on my grandparents who had a grocery store on Cherry St.
The year would of been about 1850.
Her maiden name was Mame Walsh and she married James Brennan(his brother was a dentist Edward Brennan).
My mother Mary Brennan went to grade and high school in Shenandoah. and later
moved to Phila.
Any info would be great.

Subject: Shenandoah
Thu, March 11, 2010 10:46:06 AM
From: Sally Loeb

Hello. I"m fairly new to searching for my husband's family in Shenandoah. I would like to know where to look for city directories covering 1900 to 2000. Also is any one transcribing the I.O.O.F. cemetery? I know that my husband's grandparents lived on W Oak Street. Their names were Josiah and Grace Loeb.

Thank you. Sally Loeb

Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 16:02:45 -0800 (PST)
From: Sally Loeb
Subject: Boughey

My husband's great gran father Harry (Henry C Loeb 1854 married Emma Boughey 1854. They lived in Shenandoah. As I was perusing this sight I came across the name Charles D Boughey who was a barber, lived at 234 Coal St. from the 1966 Shenandoah Centennial Publication p 172. Does anybody know this family? I only have Emma's name, no parents. Could this Charles be a nephew or cousin?

Thanks, Sally Loeb
From: Gloria Kacelowicz
To: <>
Subject: 1966 Shenandoah Centennial book
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 17:08:28 -0500

I would like to know if anyone has any idea where I might locate a copy of the souvenir book published during the 1966 centennial.

I was told a few years ago that it is no longer in print. I grew up in Shenandoah Heights and graduated from J.W. Cooper High in 1962 at the time of the centennial , I was too young to care about Shenandoah and its history, how things change as we get older.

Thanks for any help that anyone can give me in this search.

Gloria Kacelowicz
Hi Gloria,

Bill Simons here, I bought my copy of the 1966 Centennial booklet from EBay.

If you register there, you can leave an item request so if the booklet becomes available they'll let you know.

I've had good luck with EBay because the regular book dealers have ratings that indicate how satisfied other buyers have been with specific sellers. Craig's List may be another source, but I have not used them in the past.

I don't wish to give up my copy, but if you are looking for specific people's names in the book, I can look them up for you. I have generated a name index that I will be posting on the website in the near future.
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 09:41:44 EST
Subject: looking for info

My parents lived on Cherry Street. My father, Robert T Brennan, was born in December 1924.
His mother (Anna Brennan) worked for a business family as a housekeeper.
I am curious if any one would have work records from that era.

Best regards,
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 19:43:54 -0500
From: gordy
Subject: shenandoah yatesville fire christmas eve 1936

Bill, would you have any information on the horrific christmas eve fire in yatesville in 1936.
My 85 year old mother was a neighbor of the fire victims, she recalls the little boy that died in the fire, She always remembers him at this time of the year.

I would appreciate any info or direction you could give me, thanks alot

Gordy Weikel, Ringtown Pa
Hi Gordy,

I don't have any personal information about the fire but I did find this reference on the internet -
"December 24, 1936, Chendo(Yatesville). Boy, 4, dies as fire razes a new double house. Loss $20,000"

If you check with the Evening Herald office on Main St. Shenandoah, they may be able to show you an archived copy of the newspaper for the 24th and days following. They did this for me several years ago and were very helpful.

Good luck,

Bill Simons
Manager, Shenandoah Memories Website
FM: Bill Simons
Subject: Current pictures of St. Georges

Unfortunately, I will not be able to travel to Shenandoah to take photos of the current de-contruction| of the St. George Catholic Church.

If anyone is taking pictures of the event, please send them along as an Email attachment to
so that we can share them with our other visitors and have a photographic record of this historic event.

Thanks in advance,

From: ""
Sent: Sun, November 1, 2009 9:01:57 PM
Subject: shenandoah/info

Hi Mr.Simons,\

Great website and found by accident as I tried to get info on where 522 Juneberry St. was located.
I noticed in reading your mail that another street was named Huckleberry.Apparently the powers that be decided the town needed an upgrade. Do you have any of that historical change?

I am also interested on the history of the German Catholic church that was located at Washington and Chestnut Sts.
I was born in1932 and only remember that there was this big hole with steel girders and rocks.
Of course we were not supposed to go near it but did with fond memories of exploring.
A St.George Catholic school was then built on this property and a residence for the sisters who taught in the school.
I would appreciate any and all info you may have as I am doing this for a friend whose family lived on Juneberry.

With much thanks,

Mary Ann
Hi Mary Ann,

I have a small list of old street names which I thought I had posted on the Shenandoah Memories web site but maybe not (I can't seem to find it now myself).

It says that "Juneberry St." is now known as "Atlantic St.".

I'm sorry but I don't have any information about the German Catholic Church.
I'll post your message on the Email page and perhaps someone who has some information will contact you.

Best regards,

Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2009 10:32:25 EDT
Subject: Seeking 1962 yearbook from J.W. Cooper High


Do you know where I can find a 1962 yearbook from J.W.Cooper High?
That's the year I graduated, but over the years my yearbook was destroyed.

I attend all of the Reunions and would love to have the yearbook, that I will
treasure. I am going to attend the next Alumni Reunion on September 11, 2010
I grew up at 32 N. Jardin St. Shenandoah. My parents were the late Mildred & Joseph Tucci.

Irene ("Tucci") Malinowski
995 Teaneck Rd.
Unit 2-R
Teaneck, NJ 07666
Bill answers:
Hi Irene,

My suggestion is that you register with Ebay and set up a search for example "yearbook Shenandoah high school 1962" .
Even if one is not currently for sale or auction, Ebay will send you an email message when one becomes available.

I'll post your message on the Email Page at Shenandoah Memories and perhaps one of our visitors will contact you about a yearbook.

Best regards,

Bill Simons
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 05:39:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mary Ann Lubinsky
Subject: Fw: Shenandoah Historical Society

-Does anyone know if the Shenandoah Historical Society still meets on the first Tuesday of the month?

Does anyone have contact information for the Society? The website has not been updated since 2007 and not many of the links are working. Thank you.

Mary Ann Lubinsky
Subject: Shenandoah
Date: Sunday, July 12, 2009 6:33 PM
From: "CINDY (Sheads) MC CAIN"

Hi Bill,

My grandparents moved to Shenandoah from Gettysburg around 1927 and my grandfather, Robert E. Sheads, Sr. taught at J.W. Cooper High School. I know he was still there in 1930 as we have a letter from Thomas Edison to the Senior Class thanking them for dedicating the 1930 Mirror to him.

I am trying to find a 1930 yearbook (or a copy of the dedication page and any pictures of my grandfather. He had lost his right arm above the elbow in a car/train accident so he would sort of stand out, having only one arm.

My uncle Bob was born in Shenandoah in 1927 so I know they were there at that time. I'm not sure when they returned to Gettysburg but I believe it was around 1935 or so.

Thanks for letting me share.

Cindy (Sheads) McCain
Tecumseh, MI
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 2009 14:54:48 -0400
Subject: Shenandoah

Recently a friend of mine and myself talked about a reunion of some sort involving the group of boys and girls that grew up in the 4 and 5 hundred blocks of Cherry Street and those streets in-between around the 1940's and 1950's.  
My thoughts stray back and remember wonderful times we had in and around those streets.  
If anyone out there knows of anyone interested in getting together for a reunion sort of thing, please leave a message here for those already interested in to see and perhaps make contact with.  

Some of those we would like to hear from are:  Olga Hukala, Columbus Street: Virginia Nork, Cherry Street:  Bernard Tomalis and his sisters, corner of Catherine and Columbus streets:  Tommy Zimmerman, Cherry Street: This reunion would be held in 2010 and a place and time yet to be considered.  

Thanks for anyone's help...

Ray Wisno/Shenandoah...

Subject: Martin J Franey was my grandfather
Date: Monday, February 9, 2009, 5:12 PM

Enjoyed your site. My mother was Georgeanna Franey who is mentioned on your site.

Thanks for a look back.

Dick Riley
From: effie
Subject: Shenandoah
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 13:06:44 -0500

Great Site! So glad I found it. My great uncles came to Shenadoah from Greece between the years 1911-1917. They went to their uncle John Theophilos who according to your busness list had a business that dealt with
" Cig. & W & R & Comm Job Confec." What exactly is that?

My uncles were in their teens when they arrived and were known as Harry, Tony, Mike and Bill. I can trace them all back to the 1930 census, but other than what that document tells me, I know nothing.
I do know that Bill and Mike lived to be in their 80's and at some point moved to Mahanoy City and worked in the restaurant business.
As for Tony and Harry, the story is that they died young, but I can't find any death records etc.
Does anyone know where those of the Greek Orthodox faith would have been burried in Shenandoah?
I was thinking of visiting the local cemeteries in hopes of finding their gravesites. None of the brothers married and I only have 2 photos of them. One photo was of Harry taken by Billinger Photo Studios in 1921. On the back is written his name and the words Atlantic Restaurant.

Can anyone point me to any sources in Shenendoah which might shed some light to what happened to Harry and Tony?

Thanks so much___Effie
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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 12:51:47 -0500
From: effie <>
Subject: Theofilos & Laganis

Thanks for posting my previous message regarding my four great uncles who came from Greece and went to their uncle John Theofilos.
I realize I did not mention their last name. Although their uncle was Theofilos theirs was LAGANIS
(Harry, Tony, Mike and Bill Laganis)

Ring any bells for anyone?

Thanks, Effie
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 15:12:42 -0800 (PST)
From: barbara mas
Subject: shenadoah plank ridge colliery

I have been searchig for a picture of the Plank Ridge colliery that was in Shenandoah around 1865. I did find many coal mine pictures listed under "" but not the one I want. Any ideas where I might find it.

My grandfather lived on 151 E. Washington st. by St.Cashmiers Church. And both of my parents were born in Shenandoah (Shafransky and Lukasik families)

Please get back to me with any info you have. Also, do you have a web site?


Barbara (Shafransky) Mas
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 08:13:31 -0800
From: Sandra Vagelatos <>
Subject: RE: SHENANDOAH Centennial book


I am looking for the J W Cooper High school year book for 1965.

Sandra Vagelatos
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 16:52:01 -0800
From: Sandra Vagelatos

Hi Bill:

I would like to know where I can get a 1965 yearbook or copy of one.
My book was destroyed in a fire.

Sandra Vagelatos
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 15:28:14 +0000 (UTC)
To: Bill Simons <>

Good Morning Bill

Thanks for your interest and help!

One question/ there a "Street Map" of the entire town available for download or purchase?
I have old letters with addresses (like 428 W. Cherry Street.....where my mom lived) and I would like to get
my "bearings" since I did not grow up there.

I will look forward to "The Mesarick Family Page."
(Please note there is only one "a" in Mesarick......I'm sure your reply was just a typo.....)

I know that there needs to me more "local" information in order for the site to be of interest to more people
and not just a page for ancestry search. I will discuss this with my living cousins and one remaining
Uncle (Frank Mesarick) in the near future.

Future topics that I can write about would be:

The "Pools"
Polish American Fire Company - I believe my Grandfather, Felix Glowczewski was a volunteer/member
"Andoshen, PA" - Novel about Shenandoah
Churches of different ethnic groups
"Strip Mining" - my dad's experience
Joe Mesarick - nicknamed for some reason "Crow" who had a bar in town......Main Street?

Through another website, I have had contact from a Thomas Mueller who has given me info about my
Uncle Lawrence Anthony Glowczewski who was killed in December, 1942.
Mr. Mueller confirmed that my uncle actually was on the SS Coamo (troop ship) that was sunk by German
U-Boat 604 (German records!)

I have several newspaper clipping from the years of 1942-1945 regarding my lost uncle.
It was common practice not to declare a missing service man officially dead until one year and one day
had passed since the report of the missing.

As I mentioned in my earlier e-mail, uncle Larry was on the 1940 Championship Football team..........
I am hoping that someone will see his name and maybe a family member of a team mate might contact
me with more info.....

This is really getting addictive!

Thanks so much!

Larry Mesarick
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 02:00:25 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Shenandoah Memories/Larry Mesarick

Hi Bill!

Thank you for the speedy reply....... I have immersed my self in this family ancestry project since I am retired and
I have a few cousins who can help me.

All families have stories......some of which should not be revealed until one hundred years have passed! LOL

Seriously, I am sending a picture of my Grandparents, Anna and Andrew Mesarick's 50th Wedding Anniversary
held in July of 1958. I am still in the early stages of contacting my living first cousins, giving them "charts" to
fill in and attempting to gather lots of information before subscribing to and posting all of the info...........

Like many families of Shenandoh from 1910-1940, my dad's did not have lots of extra cash..........
I have my Grandfather Andrew's Baptismal Certificate from Czechoslovakia. I will be trying to find out just
when he arrived in Shennandoah........and eventually when he married my grand mom.

One thing that I did in January of 1993 just happened to be wonderful for our family memory.
I took my then living parents and my four children to visit Shenandoh for the first time in their lives.
I too had not been there in many years. I videotaped my parents talking about the town and where they lived......
we rode around and finally visited St. Stephans Cemetery where the Mesarick grandparents are buried.
I will be transferring this to DVD and all the family will have an opportunity to see where it all began for the
Mesarick/Glowczewsi children.

Bill, I am also sending you a newspaper clipping, I believe it is from the local Herald paper, which discusses
the 1940 Blue Devil team. My oldest cousin, Gloria Bellucci is living and married to Joeseph Bellulcci.
Both Joe and my deceased uncle, Lawrence Glowczewski (killed in WWII) are mentioned in the article.

I hope anyone who sees this website and my message can give me more information about my Uncle.

OK....enough for now......I will "bend your ear" with other stories and memories starting with my visits
in the 1950's.
Since I have relatives there and in Ringtown, I'm sure we will piece together more of our history.

I can tell you about the "Prohibition Years" and my grandmom...........ah.......if you want this stuff! LOL

Larry Mesarick
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 05:38:09 +0000 (UTC)
From: "Larry Mesarick"
Subject: Shenandoah Memories

Hello Bill!

Great Website! A big Thank You from the many descendants of the coal miners who built and made the city famous.

I'll be as brief as possible: Both my parents were born in Shenandoah. Ralph Mesarick (1913) and Dorothy Glowczewski (1915).
Dad's parents were Andrew (Andrej) Mesarick who married Anna Zebiak (Zebjak) in 1908 they lived most of their lives at 701 E Centre Street.

Their Children are: Mary "Mamie" Zack (Zahorchak), Julia (Petsuck), Ralph Mesarick, Edward Mesarick, Joseph Mesarick, Emmett Mesarick, Andrew "Andy" Mesarick, Frank Mesarick, Eleanor Valinsky, and John Mesarick.

Mom's Parents were: Felix Glowczewski and Mary Djenis (SP?) Before moving to Philadelphia some time in the 1950's they lived on Cherry Street.
Their Children are: Joseph Glowczewski, Dorothy (Mesarick, my mom), Helen (Domeraski), Theresa (Cox), and Lawrence A. Glowczewski.

My Dad and I believe all his siblings except Frank Mesarick are deceased. He is living in Oklahoma.
My Mom and her siblings are deceased.

I am particularly interested in anyone who knew my Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles.

My uncle, Lawrence Glowczewski played on the 1940 Blue Devils Championship football team.
He was killed in December of 1942 while in the Navy.
Did anyone play ball with him and could tell me about the uncle after whom I am named?

I know this is a lot for one e-mail...........I would appreciate anyone reading this and responding.........Thanks!

Larry Mesarick
Melbourne Beach, Florida & Ocean City, NJ
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 11:31:18 GMT
From: ""
Subject: shenandoah memory

Hi,your website is great.I came across it in my search for shenandoah/mahanoy info.
--I was wondering if anyone knew Dottie Fruddam,she was about 16 in 1956.
Her mom and dad were Beatrice&Mike.They lived on west Mt.Vernon st. and went to St. George church.
I'm trying to find out where she went to school.Any info would be appreciated.
Please contact me at .

From: fred and joan
Subject: shenandoah memories
Date: Wednesday, December 3, 2008, 5:47 PM

Hi! I am thrilled to happen upon this website!
My father, Paul Opanel was born and raised in Shenandoah.
He lived at 146 E. Coal St. He went to Cooper HS. He left to join the army in about 11th grade. Does anyone remember him or have any memories of him?

We are about to celebrate his 70th birthday and it would be nice to hear some stories about him! His mother's name was Josephine Opanel, his father's name was John Opanel. He has a brother John, Tommy and a sister Mary.

Can't wait to hear from anyone with info about my family.

Joan Opanel
From: Lisa
Subject: Shenandoah Memories
Date: Wednesday, November 12, 2008, 2:04 PM
Hi Bill,

I love your site; I just discovered your list of local business owners from 1921. I'd like to see the 'pecuniary strength' and credit information listed for Mrs. Annie Zubris's Saloon...and the business address, if known?

Shenandoah and the surrounding communities also had many street vendors and tradespeople; I am hoping to find any references, memories or old photos of the "Umbrella Man" who travelled the neighborhoods repairing umbrellas and sharpening knives, scissors, etc. This would have been sometime in the late 1920s and 1930s and perhaps early '40s.

The families that I have done genealogy research for in Shenandoah and its environs are: Leskauskas (aka Leskie); Zubris, Benashunas, Jordan (Giordano), and Spaniard. I would be happy to assist/exchange any family history inquiries regarding them.

Thank so much!

Subject: Shenandoah
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 14:51:57 -0400
From: "Conti, Chris C" <>

Hello, my name is Chris Conti, my Grandmother and Grandfather settled in Shenandoah and were married there, I think around 1910. Is there somewhere I could get a copy of their marriage certificate or citizenship application, to see where they were both born and learn maybe some other things. My mother is very interested.

Their names were William V. Kweder (Kwederowicz) and Filomena (Rasziewicz) Kweder (Kwederowicz).

Thank You!

Chris Conti
Hi Chris,

Your best bet for a marriage license may be the Pa. Bureau of Vital Statistics, they may also have a death certificate available.

If you know which church they were married in, the church may have some records of interest.

The US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) may still have some info regarding their citizenship applications.

I'll post your message on the Email Page at Shenandoah Memories and hope that someone else has some additional ideas for you.

Best regards,

Bill Simons
Manager, Shenandoah Memories web site
Subject: Shenandoah Jewish Memories from Ian Singer
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 14:17:48 -0400
From: "Ian Singer"

If you are Jewish and from Shenandoah or are the descendent of the Jewish people whom lived in
Shenandoah please visit my site at for a listing and pictures of all
the stones in the HEBREW CEMETERY on the hill.

Ian Singer – Great grandson of Sam and Bertha Harris of the Harris Bakery
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 19:15:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: s verch
Subject: Shenandoah

Hello! I'm Steve Verch, and I live in Baltimore County, Maryland.
My grandfather's name was Anthony Wirchomski, and my grandmother's name was Catherin Wirchomski. Catherin was from Greece, and her maiden name was Trucka. Together they had four children in Shenandoah: John, Annie, Josephine and Joseph. My father was baptised Joseph Andrew Wirchomski, and his godfather was Andrew Mika, and his godmother was named Helena Baraniak, the wife of Frank Baraniak. My father's family lived in a house on Millers Row, which had railroad tracks that ran behind the house, a road that ran behind the railroad tracks, and a hill that was past the road. My father says the Miller Row house was near a colliery at the entrance to Shenandoah. My father adds that these houses have since been torn down.

When my father went to school in Shenandoah, he was known as Joseph Verchomsky, and he graduated from J.W. Cooper High School in 1942. He still tells the story when the school cracked due to subsidence, and he had to attend high school half a day in an elementary school.

My father's sister, Annie, married Joe Walukiewicz, and they lived at 428 W. Columbus Street. Mr. Gicas' photo of "An alley/street on the south side of town, off of the park on Centre Street", may in fact be a photo of the downhill part of W. Columbus Street.
I am writing to see if I can generate any leads on my grandmother's family in an attempt to learn more about her origins in Greece. Catherin had a sister who lived on a farm outside of Shenandoah. As my father tells it, instead of turning and going to the Heights, if you just continued straight on that road, and went to the bottom of the hill, on the left hand side is where my father's aunt had a farm, with apple and plum trees. His aunt had at least one daughter, who married a Stefanski and lived in Binghamton, NY.

My father is still alive (and still has his baptismal certificate from St. Casmirs). Any leads would be very much appreciated.
Thank you, Steve Verch
Monday, July 14, 2008 5:14 PM
From: "William Fox"
Subject: Shenandoah Stanron-Cosgrove

Hello Bill: I'm researching my family history which has Shenandoah roots. Hope you will post this e-mail to your webpage as an invitation for STANTONS and COSGROVE decedents to contact me. Thanks, Bill Fox

Researching James John STANTON b. about 1845 in Ireland - d. 1891 in Shenandoah . He immigrated to Shenandoah sometime in the 1850s. A news article in the Philadelphia Inquirer mentions James Stanton, a Shenandoah constable, who died 27 Dec 1891 in a "grippe" epidemic. He is buried in Annunciation Cemetery, Shenandoah.

He married MARY COSGROVE b. 1850 in Ireland and living in Cass Township in 1860-1870 US Census'. Mary COSGROVE moved to Philadelphia after the death of her husband sometime between 1892-1899 as she is found there in the 1900 Census. She died 8 July 1921 and is buried in Holy Sepulcher Cemetery.

James STANTON and Mary COSGROVE STANTON had 9 children all born in Shenandoah. They were: ANNA 1870-1920; MARY 1871-1872; JOHN 1872-1932; MARGARET 1874-1942; HONORA 1878-1927; EMILY MARIE 1880-1925; LAURELLA 1882; GERTRUDE 1883-1913; HELEN 1886-1962.

In 1880 this family lived on Centre Street. James's brother WILLIAM STANTON and Mary's brother CHARLES COSGROVE also lived nearby on Centre Street.

In 1890 this family lived at 401 Oak Street in house owned by PATRICK STANTON. James's relationship to Patrick is not verified but believed he was John's father.

James Stanton and Mary Cosgrove Stanton were my great grandparents.
June 15, 2008.
My apologies to whomever recently sent me a longish email concerning their family in Shenandoah,
I'm afraid that I deleted it by mistake.

If you sent me one within the last few days and it is not posted here, please re-send it.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Bill Simons
Manager, Shenandoah Memories web site

From: Mail from KDD
Subject: Shenandoah
Date: Thursday, June 5, 2008, 12:58 PM

Hello Bill,
I really enjoy reading the posts. My Mother's family "Flaherty" immigrated to Shenandoah at 1871.

I am having a difficult time trying to find out where records for Shenandoah Catholic HS 1930-40 would be held.

My mother was Anna and her brother Bill was killed in Aug of 1945, the day the war ended in San Francisco.
No pictures or info of him I can get my hands on. Thought the school year book or files may have something on him.
Also, I do have some of my Mom's memorabilia from HS and was wondering if there is a place to donate items to
such as this.

Thank You in advance,


Kathy Dulin-Doedderlein

Family Pics ~
From: Bill Simons
Subject: Re: Shenandoah/Kathy Dulind
To: Mail from KDD

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for the interesting message. I'll post it on the Email page at the Shenandoah Memories web site and perhaps someone will get in touch.

The Historical Society Museum might be interested in receiving your Mother's High School memorabilia, try "".
If it contains names and/or pictures, I would like very much to publish that information on this web site.

It's a long shot, but you might wish to register with Ebay and set an alert to be notified if any Shenandoah High School yearbooks come up for auction/sale that might contain information about your Uncle Bill.
I have one from Cooper High that I obtained that way.

As`far as official Catholic High School records go, you might check with the Diocese offices which I believe are located in Allentown (
An internet search should turn up a phone number.

Best regards,

Bill Simons
Manager, Shenandoah Memories web site
From: Jeff Stoffa <>
Subject: Fw: james "sling" haughney
To: Bill Simons
----- Forwarded Message ----
From: "Joseph, Patricia"
To: ""
Sent: Thursday, June 5, 2008 1:29:13 PM
Subject: james "sling" haughney

I was just looking up the Haughney name and I came across your web site.
My grandfather is Jim Haughney- and Peg is my grandmother--My father has the same picture.

Loved looking at your site

Patty (Haughney) Joseph
Subject: Shenandoah
From: James Dunleavy
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 18:35:07 -0400

My mother-Margaret Bakey-spent most of her life living on S Jardin St.
I recall visiting the house she was raised in many times as a child.
The address was 128 S Jardin St and sat above a funeral home that you could access from the kitchen of the house. I also recall a large, beautiful church that was directly across the street and would often sit at the window of the house and listen to the people strolling by.

If anyone should read this e-mail and possibly knew my mother could you please comment.

Cheers to Shenandoah
Date: Wed, June 4, 2008
To: James Dunleavy
From: Bill Simons
Subject: Re: Shenandoah/Margaret Bakey

Hi James,

Thank you for the interesting Email message.
I'll post it on the Email page at the Shenandoah Memories web site.
The church across the street is St. Georges and its future is currently in doubt as the stone facade
of the church is in need of repair or replacement. At last report, the Diocese had not made a final decision.

Attached is a picture that I believe is 128 S. Jardin  St. (its the building slightly left of center) as it appeared
a few years ago.

The brownish building to the left of it is the Oravitz Funeral Home which now sits on the site of the
old Penny School which was on the corner.
Both buildings are directly across the street from St. Georges Lithuanian Church.

Best regards,

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: carol rieder
To: "Jeff Stoffa
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008 8:23:11 PM
Subject: Shenandoah

Mr Stoffa,

I really enjoyed reading of you family's history in Shenandoah. 
My grandparents lived at the corner of Coal and Jardin Streets for a time while I was in high school, at J. W. Cooper.  My uncle, Joseph Marone, was a Mayor of Shenandoah.  My grandparents belonged to St. George's Church and Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
I have a copy of each of the Only Western Town in the East books, one of them autographed. 
I was a teacher at Emmaus High School and had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Gallagher when he visited the school in 1985 to speak to Social Studies classes.  It was a pleasure to meet him and talk about life in the coal regions.

Thank for the memories about our past history.

Carol Rieder
Allentown, PA

Date: Wed, 07 May 2008 15:13:12 +0000
Subject: shenandoah

I came across the website in looking for information about my grandfather, just
wondering if anyone knew the Demsko family that lived on Jardin Street, my
father was born in '36.
To: Kdemsko,

I tried to acknowledge your email and my message was bounced back by your ISP.
If you wish to receive info about your father/grandfather from visitors to the
Shenandoah Memories web site, please make adjustments to your mailing program.


Bill Simons
Manager, Shenandoah Memories web site.
From: Jeff Stoffa
Subject: Fw: I loved reading about the Franey family.

More acclaim for the site!
----- Forwarded Message ----
From: ""
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2008 10:45:23 PM
Subject: I loved reading about the Franey family.

Dear Mr. Stoffa,  
I loved reading about the Franey family.  It was very interesting.  On a whim my husband, Joe Corrigan, decided to look up history on Shenandoah PA, where his father grew up as a boy, and found your story about the "Franey" family.  
The Franey's lived 2 blocks from  Chestnut st, where my husband's father -The Corrigan's-lived.  
My husband's aunt, Mary Corrigan (his father's sister), married Michael Sullivan.  As you already wrote Michael Sullivan purchased the Franey Funeral Home in the 1960s from Jim Franey . (129 N. Jardin). 
Do you know if your family knew the Corrigan family , Mary Corrigan or Thomas Corrigan that lived on Chestnut st?  I feel silly asking, but I figured it cant hurt, ha.   

Sincerely,   Claire Corrigan
From: Daniel Fergus Tamulonis
Sent: Thursday, February 7, 2008 10:19:50 PM
Subject: Jeff Stoffa: Franeys and Fergusons

Dear Mr. Stoffa,
Your extensive family history page came up as I was searching for some pictures of Shenandoah, where I was born. I was looking for a picture of the town. As my grandparents (Daniel J. & Johanna Ferguson) were neighbors
(cousins?) of yours, their house at 33 South White Street came up, crystal clear. I was looking for some information for my daughter, 7, for a project for school. She was delighted with the house and wanted no more. I however, returned and found not only the Fergusons but a picture of my uncle, Frank Tamulonis and his wife, Cis Hoffman.

What a small world. I wanted to thank you for putting together such an extensive and informative family page. You did not invite comments but with so many connections, I could not resist. My father was one of Frank's younger brothers, Clarence (Rams), who married Patricia Ferguson, who grew up in the house on 33 South White. For a time we lived in on Jardin Street in a tumbling down house but when my father got a job at ALCOA in Cressona,
we moved to Pottsville. I was born in 1953 at Locust Mountain Hospital.

Best regards to you and congratulations for keeping your family so beautifully alive. Those are stunning pictures.


Daniel Fergus Tamulonis
New York City
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 7:36:46 -0500
Subject: Re: shenandoah


Thank you so very much for the timely response.
Yes, she lived in the "Heights" and I believe her number address was 427. The street name slips my mind but she will be coming to visit me today and she will be contacting you herself.
Also, I have an aunt (Jean Bubnis) who is interested in contacting you. Apparently, my mom and aunt both know Sarah Purcell. She posted an email wanting to know if anyone knew of the Nanners.
At any rate, please stay in touch. As a matter of fact, is there a phone # that my mom can call and speak with you?
Again, thank you for the response.

Lenny Calderone
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 09:09:22 -0500
From: lenny calderone
Subject: shenandoah

I was hoping that someone would remember my mom Irene Kaledas and my late uncle Eugene (Gene) Kaledas.
They are from upper shaft Shenandoah, Pa. My mom will be visiting me soon and I told her about this website.
I was hoping that someone might remember either one of them as my mom has lots of wonderful memories to share.

Anxiously awaiting a reply, lenny calderone
8/15/07 - My apologies to the person who had some questions concerning her family and St. Aidan's Catholic Church at Ellangowan. Somehow I have misplaced your original Email message (an occurrence that seems to be happening with increasing frequency these days, can't understand why...).

(1) I have discovered that the original St. Aidan's church burned down in 1935 and services after that were being held in a church hall which I assume was at the same or a nearby location. There is no mention of a graveyard connected with the church buildings.

(2) There was an undetaking establishment listed in the 1921 Shenandoah business directory under the name "J. W. Schwab". There is no mention of the business in the ads included in the 1966 Centennial book nor in the current telephone listings so I assume that it is no longer in business.

(3) A topographic map of Ellangowan shows a church building as the last building on the road leading into Ellangowan. When I visited the area in June, there were no visible church buildings and the road ended abruptly with a barren scraped over area where the church buildings might have existed. Some sort of new "mining" operation seems to be underway.

Please contact me if there is any other information that I can provide.
Subject: Shenandoah Memories
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 19:52:07 +0000

Hi Bill: What a delightfully interesting website you have created about Shenandoah. We really enjoyed all the pictures and the personal accounts of former Shenandoah residents.

My husband's family on both sides immigrated from what was then Polish Russia (or was it Russian Poland?) in the 1890's and settled in the Shenandoah area --his maternal side in Turkey Run and paternal side in Shenandoah on South Jardin. They attended St. Casimir Polish Catholic Church.
In the front of their house, the Shenandoah grandparents ran a small grocery store, which I was pleased to find identified in your 1921 list, Prelinski's, (the e and r are transposed, should read Perlinski). Because my husband's mother was very ill, he had been sent to live with his widowed grandmother (who still ran the store) for a year where he attended Annunciation Catholic High School as a freshman, 1947-48 term.
After his mother's recovery he moved back to the family home in Philadelphia.

We have visited Shenandoah several times over the years, mostly to attend funerals. Our most recent visit was 1 & 1/2 years ago. What a change from 1995 when we called on the elderly aunts and enjoyed walking all around town visiting the many churches that had been so lovingly restored. They were all locked up on our last visit in fall '05.

It was interesting that one of Jeff Stoffa's grandparents (great grandparent?) lived next door to the Dorsey family. Would love to hear more memories from additional Shenandoah folks about that era or at least the big band era in the 30's and 40's.

Thank you for "Shenandoah Memories". I wish all communities in America would do likewise so as not to lose forever these valuable, interesting and important cultural memories, so much a part of Americana.

Best wishes from Zandra and Lee Perlinn
From: "June Davis" <>
Subject: Re: penny candy
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 17:56:39 -0400

OK, Bill here's another one for your detective work.  My Florida cousin, June Gladski Blair, who grew up in Shen. says she took ballet lessons from a woman who taught (in her house??) during the late '20's, early 1930's. Would there be advertisements listed online from the Herald--or didn't it go back that far?? I hope to come up for Easter.  I'd like to see the cemetaries--the view from Locust Mountain is unique, looking down at Shenandoah.  Do you know if the Black Diamond Flea Market Place is still running at the Frackville Mall?  No hurry, let me know when you get a chance to reply.  Appreciate it.  --June Hodge Davis
Hi June,

There are copies of the newspapers at the Evening Herald office on Main St. Shenandoah. Nothing on-line that I knowof. Call ahead and make an appointment and they'll make available several books of archived newspapers for the years you are interested in.

I believe that some of the papers are also available in microfilm at the main Library at Pottsville.

The Frackville Mall has a web site and it DOES list the Black Diamond Flea market as a current tenant.

From: Bob Johnson
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2007 2:06 PM
Subject: Early 1900's residents

Dear Sir or Madam;
I am trying to research background on my wifes grandparents who were Shenandoah residents. Her grandparents were William & Julia Simmons, who in 1913 lived at 306 W Huckelberry in Shenandoah.We found this information on her mothers Birth Certificate.
Her mother was also named Julia and was born either August 26th or 28th 1913. William was a Fire Boss at the Ellangowan Collery. He passed away in (we think) 1917, and had moved to Ellangowan several years prior. He is buried in the Annunciation Cemetary.
His obituary says he was a member of that church, Division No 2 A.O.H. and the Emmett League.
We will be visiting Shenandoah on April 5th & 6th. My wife would like to visit as many of the places we can find that her family lived or worked. I believe that Huckelberry St. no longer exists, but even so where was it?
Is there any way to find out where they lived in Ellangowan?
Are there any remnants of the Ellangowan Collery?

Any advice or assistance you can give on where I could research this information prior to our visit would be greatly appreciated.
Lastly, are we still able to put his name on the Miners Memorial?

Again, thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide.

Bob Johnson
There is quite a large abandoned colliery further along the road that goes past the "patch" known as Ellen Gowan. I have photographed the colliery but do know know its name.

I don't think that the Miners Memorial lists the names of individual miners. When the memorial was being planned, people may have been able to have family names listed when they donated money.

The A. O. H. stands for the Ancient Order of Hiberians, an Irish social/political group associated with the Molly Maguires at the turn of the century who were blamed for burning down one of Franklin Gowen's collieries.

Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 16:29:15 EST
Subject: Request from website..........

Dear Bill,

In your website, you mention the financial worth/value of businesses (1921) listed. (see below)
"The original list contains a value for both the "pecuniary strength" (financial worth ?) and a credit rating for each business. It was not possible to include these values in the pages given below but if you send an email to the web site and request that information for one or two names in the lists, it will be sent along to you as quickly as possible."

May I request, please, such said value for: Kowalonek, Jos. (Groceries & Meat)?

Joseph Kowalonek was my "Dziadzi" - my grandfather. I was born and raised in the grocery store/home. This is of great interest to me for my family history.

I am in the process of reviewing the rest of your website. It is excellent! It's so nice 'going back' in time and remembering all that I read here. You did a fine job.

I would love to see you complete the site with the Shenandoah Today : A page in progress.

Nothing comes up when I click the page in progress? Am I doing something wrong? I think it would be very interesting to folks who come on board here to read your website and live see the Shenandoah today.

Thank you in advance for my request above.

Have a great week ahead!

Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 05:02:50 -0600
Subject: Re: Request from website/Shenandoah Memories

Hi Peg,

Thanks for your e Email. You are the first operson to ask for the financial
data. I'll publish your request and my reply on the Email page if you don't
Jos. Kowalonek, Groc&meat, F, 2 1/2

Pecuniary strength "F" equates to "$10,000-$20,000"
as compared to "M through Aa" representing "less than $500 through $1,000,000".
General Credit rating of "2 1/2" means "High"
as compared to "3, 3 1/2, 4" representing "Good, Fair, Limited".
I am currently working on a few other web sites and so the The Shenandoah Today
link just got pushed aside temporarily but I plan to post pictures there in the
next several weeks. Thanks for asking.
It is the squeeky wheel that gets oiled...

Best regards,

Bill Simons
Manager, Shenandoah Memories web site.
Received: from
Subject: Wenis family
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2006 20:42:26 -0500


I am researching my family history.
My great grandparents (Thomas Wenis & Harriette Jeffers) lived in Shenandoah, PA for awhile before moving to Connecticut.
Actually, my great uncle was born in Shenandoah, PA on May 13, 1906.
Is there anyone out there who can help me find more information?


From: "June Davis"
Subject: penny candy
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2006 00:13:08 -0500

Hi, my parents grew up in Shenandoah & graduated from JW Cooper in the 1940's.

I visited throughout my childhood, & remember Whalen's penny candy store (on Cherry St?), as well as Dick's, a corner store on Centre St., Paskey's, & Shokitis' jewelry store on Centre as well.

My parents were supposed to be high school sweethearts, Angela Majewski (Majeski) & Richard Hodge. Someone once stopped me on the street in town & told me this.

My maternal grandmother, "Lottie" Majewski, was a seamstress who did machine sewing & alterations for the centennial, curtains for a school stage, & custom-fit clothing for some of the ladies who would be today considered "plus-sized."

Any acquaintances of my family I would be happy to communicate with.
Thanks for the site!

June Hodge Davis
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 02:04:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Regina
Subject: Shenandoah

I remember visiting my mother's aunt in Shenandoah back in the 40's.
My sister and I used to enjoy going there.
Babcia used to make Potato babka everytime we came to visit because she knew I loved it so much.
Does anyone have a recipe for it??
She lived on South Gilbert Street. Her name was Maksimak, Caroline?.
She had 2 sons, Mike and Joe Maksimak.
I wonder if anyone knows anything about her.
My father, Edward Kosikowski, was born in Shenandoah and had family up in the Heights.
From: Debbie Patton
Subject: Shenandoah
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 10:56:11 -0500

Hi Everybody! Does anyone remember the Rowley Family?? John and Mary..... parents of Peggy, Honey, Sarah, Jane, Patsy, Rose and Jack?
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 21:13:04 -0500
From: "Tamah Graber"
Subject: Shenandoah

I am looking for the email address of Jim Gicas, who posted photos of
Shenandoah from 1960.
He and I went to Penn State and were friends, but lost touch.

Thank you.

Tamah Graber
Rockville, MD
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 13:47:42 -0500
From: EJA
Subject: KEHILLATH ISRAEL CEMETERY Gravestone Photos

In researching my family history, I have come across your website. I am researching the Simon Levine (Lewitan) family that lived in Shenandoah during the late 1890's, early 1900's before many of them moved to Norfolk, VA. I noticed the following

Levine, Abraham J., .., Died Nov. 1937, Father, c2204356
Levine, Ben, .., Died April 10 1956, Husband, c2204517
Levine, Bertha G., .., .., Mother, c2204356
Levine, Isaac, 1851, 1918, .., c2204355
Levine, Meyer, .., Died Nov. 30 1961, .., c2204508
Levine, Philip, .., Died Feb. 17 1931, .., c2204394
Levine, Rose, 1853, 1933, .., c2204355
Levine, Viola, .., Died Feb. 13 1980, Wife, c2204517

In 1900, the Simon Levine Family of Shenandoah included:
Head: Simon
Wife: Maggie
Son: Abe
Son: Philip
Daughter: Kay
Daughter: Koke
Son: Harry
Son: Isaac

Do the c numbers refer to the photos or to the burial site? Your website
refers to photos, but I don't know where to look for them. Do I request
them from you? Do you happen to know where I could find death
certificates for people who died in Shenandoah?

Thank you so much for your assistance.

Gene Alpert
To: EJA <> Subject: Gravestone pictures

Hi Gene,

The gravestone pictures are posted at

The pictures have been cropped and/or resized smaller in order to speed up downloading.

Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 21:00:19 -0800 (PST)
From: Angela Kolenda
Subject: Shenandoah Email Post

Please post the following message.

My grandparents are from Shenandoah, and I remember going there as a child to visit my great-grandparents. I am currently working on a family website (which links to this one, ). I have some information about my grandparents (including autobiographies) and their parents information on there that may be of interest to anyone who knows the family names:

Kolenda, Skupski, Tobinus/Tobinas,
Charnick/Czarnik, Klemowicz, Barjoski,
Uzdwinas, Przybila, Malinowski

Please feel free to contact me at .

Angela Kolenda
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2006 20:11:23 -0500
Subject: Shenandoah

I graduated from Shenandoah Catholic in 1961.
My name is Fred Jacoby. I am retired, and reside in Numidia, PA with my wife - Lynne.
I would like to hear from any of my classmates, friends. My E-Mail address is as follows:
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 12:48:13 -0500
Subject: Roosevelt School Building in Shenandoah
Last year we purchased the old Roosevelt School building at Union and Lloyd street in Shenandoah. I have been trying to find pictures of the school or any information about it. I find plenty of info on the web about the Cooper building but nothing about this building. If anyone has any info or any pictures about it, I would love to have them emailed to me
Thank you
Francis Kehler
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 20:36:47 EST
From: "Jackie Smith"
Subject: burials

My dad's family was from Shenandoah, and he said his relatives, starting with his grandparents are buried in Annunciation Cemetery.
James and Annie (McGowan) Smith, I think another James Smith and wife Elizabeth Coakley, also Darmody's, Purcells, and some others.That first James was a Burgess in the 1890's of Shenandoah.
He was a champion race-walker and athlete from Walthamstow, England.

My dad left a lot of genealogy files I need to go through.
My dads' (Joe Smith) father and rest of fam. came here (in Philadelphia) in the early 1920's.

Jackie Smith
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 01:00:11 -0400
From: Jeff Stoffa <>
Subject: Shenandoah memories

Your site is fantastic. I'm doing research on my family who used to live there and you've really given me a peek into everyday life there especially during the War.

Incidentally, if you know anything about my family, I'd love extra info.
Their last name was Franey. They lived in a big red brick house on the corner of Coal and Jardin, a three story, next to the Dorseys. They had a funeral parlor on Jardin where my great great grandmother Bridget Ferguson Franey lived and later Jim Franey and Mayme Cuff.
My great grandmother was Ella and her husband was Dr. Gallagher, who was the first superintendent of Locust Mountain Hospital. My grandfather wrote a book called "The Only Western Town in the East" about Shenandoah.

My brother and I are going to create a site and we'd love to have it linked to yours.

Our funeral home became the Michael Sullivan funeral home later. By the way, you have a pic of the P.J. Ferguson house, Patrick Ferguson. He was my great grandmother's brother and he was President of the First National bank of Shenandoah and had a ton of money and his fingers in railroads and other stocks too. He didn't run the opera house or the hotel.

Great site! I'm attaching some pics for you.

Jeff Stoffa
Miami, FL
For additional information about Jeff Stoffa's Shenandoah ancestors and to see his pictures, go back to the Main page and click on the Jeff Stoffa link.
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 23:23:48 -0400
From: Jim Woodruff
Subject: Shenandoah Grocer

Hi Folks,

I recently purchased a wooden bucket (aka firkin). The paper label identifies that it contained 30 lbs.of mince meat packaged by the Brick Co. of Crosswicks NJ.
The lid bears a stencil image which is only partially legible. I was able to make out the bottom line, Shenandoah PA. The top line, I assume, bears the name of the grocer. I think there are 3 parts; something like H-----ooven M----- Co. I am curious to know the name of the local retailer and would be most appreciative if some one can help.

.... if it helps,  the wooden bucket would date about 1900 to 1930.

In any event my compliment to the folks who maintain The Shenandoah Memories Email Site. It's a great service. I enjoyed reading all the memories.

Jim Woodruff
Chester NJ
From: "Dianne Watson"
Subject: Shenandoah
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 09:34:34 -0400

Hi, my name is Dianne Zabrecky. I am trying to find out any information about my grandfather Frank Zabrecky. He was killed in a mining accident in November of 1942 at Maple Hill Colliery. He is buried at St. Stephens in the Heights and lived in Shenandoah. He was married to Mary (Ivan) and they had 6 children. Helen (deceased at 10 days old), Agnes, John, Ralph, Edward, Frank. I am looking for any information on the accident or anything else that may be known about him.

Please let me know any info you may have.


If anyone has information about Frank Zabrecky, please contact Dianne directly.
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 11:33:37 -0700
From: The Kravitzs
Subject: (no subject)

Just found the site. My husband and I were born and raised in Shenandoah. We were privileged!!! Many fond memories have been tucked away among our souveniers. I am ejoying reading other views of our heritage .

Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 08:48:25 EDT
From: "Simon Lathlane"
Subject: Re;Shenandoah Fire 1883

Hello Bill,

Just found your website and I have enjoyed reading all the memories of those that lived in Shenandoah. Some of my family came out from Cornwall, England back in 1848 settled at Shenandoah in 1870 family called LATHLAEN all buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery.

They lived at 234 West Lloyd St and 319 South Jardin Strret members of the Methodist Episcopal Church & Shenandoah Lodge No 591 I.O.O.F.

I have two original newspapers The New York Tribune dated 1883 with articles about the great fire that swept the town in that year. I also have a old stereocard that shows the smouldering remains of some of the buildings that were destroyed in the fire dated November 1883 by A.M.Allen of Pottsville. Should anyone wish to have a copy please contact me.

If anyone comes across any articles on the LATHLAEN family in any newspapers old church magazines please let me know thanks. Also interested in seeing any old photographs of the town I have a few old postcards.

Keep up the good work great site many thanks.

Simon Lathlane
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 12:20:45 -0400
From: "Ruxton, Bill \\(CS\\)"
Subject: Shenandoah Heights Fiery Crash in February, 1942?

A friend's mother grew up in Shenandoah, and says as a young child, she witnessed a firey crash of some kind of aircraft on the hillside at Shenandoah Heights (roughly where the new road is) in February 1942. Does anyone else have any memories or further information on this event? Were the Civil Defense sky-watchers doing their thing at that time, and are there any records of the event?

Oh, and don't miss the Polish-American Fire Company Street Fair this weekend! I'm driving up from Maryland for the Keilbasi!

Have Fun,

Bill Ruxton
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 10:07:46 EDT
Subject: Shenandoah....Kowalonek & Salinkas Families

To Whom It May Concern:

Hello my name is Maryann Kowalonek (daughter of Adolph & Veronica Kowalonek (mother maiden name Salinkas) and was born on 5/11/42 at the Locust Mountain Hospital........

Grandparents were: Bronislaw & Mary (Pryzbilla) Kowalonek William & Mary Salinkas

Uncles were: John Kowalonek.........Edward Kowalonek........... Francis Kowalonek..... Joseph Kowalonek (kowalonek's butcher shop (don't remember others names) William Salinkas

Aunts were: Frances Salinkas.........Mary Salinkas

My grandparents lived on (I think) Coal street near the Polish Church and one block up from St. George's Church..........

My grandmother & unlce John had a small candy store in front of their home and Uncle John worked for the un-employment office......
Fritz (francis) Kowalonek was in the army and then worked in one of the banks in town.....married and moved to Ringtown

My father, Adolph, married Veronica Salinkas from Glover's Hill ( I believe she graduated from JW Cooper HS).... she had 1 brother named William and 2 sisters named Frances and Mary........

My father worked in the coal mines and then he and my mother moved to
Harrisburg after I was born in May of 1942.

I remember going to Harris' Bakery for pretzel donuts and to Kowalonek's
butcher shop (i think it's now called Kovals ).........

I've lost contact with my Uncle Fritz (Kowalonek) and my Aunt Marge (Salinkas) and am wondering if anyone can help me locate them........
I believe Fritz is still in Ringtown and last I heard Marge was in Phila.

If anyone can help me with any info on this I would greatly appreciate it

Thank You
Maryann Kowalonek
Date: March 28, 2005.
From "Ian Singer"

Allan Apple was buried today (he was a cousin of mine) in kehillath israel
---right next to my aunt sarah mallett and uncle mallett

please add my uncle allan's name to the list...thank you

a descendant of the harris/kaplan family

ian singer
dorothy harris is my grandmother/she is the daughter of sam and bertha harris who founded the harris bakery
My uncle Allan Apple was buried in the Heights at the Kehillath Israel cemetery today! My aunt sarah owned the Kozy Korner (she married Leo Mallett)
and my Aunt Bess has lived there her entired life (she was married to Moe Mallett) However, after Uncle Moe passed she married Jake Klitzner (owned Klitzner Ford)...sad how they buried a child...

my Bubby formerly Dorothy Harris, lives in Harrisburg near my mother where I grew up.
Mendel Harris lived there all of his life as well until recently when he moved to
My great grandparents (sam and bertha harris) owned the Harris bakery where they made
the Pretzel donuts.
My great aunts and uncles (max and fannie aronoff) lived all their lives there as well...
the whole family was started by my great great grandfather who is buried in the same cemetery (his name is Avraham Zelig) that is who I am named for...
my name is Ian Singer and I currently reside in Delray Beach, florida....
please contact me with any memories of my family members so I can then share them with the appropriate members

Medel Harris---living in Phila.
Jake Klitzner and Bess Klitzner (Bess Apple or Bess Harris)---living in Shenandoah
Dorothy Pollack (Dorothy Harris) living in Harrisburg
Sam and Bertha Harris (deceased and buried in Shenandoah)
Allan Apple (Deceased and buried today in Shenandoah)
Max and Fannie Aronoff (deceased and buried in shenandoah)
Avraham Zelig-Kaplan (Deceased and buried in Shenandoah)

thank you

ian Singer
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 19:08:21 -0400 (Eastern Standard Time)
From: "Scott M. Jameson" <>
Subject: Family

My mom was born in Shenandoah, but most of the family (Greenwalts, Noyacks, Steckerts, etc) all lived on both sides of West Coal Street at the west end about the 1200 block, I believe.
She and her parents, however, lived in their own home on Theresa street, just south of the town right across the way from a coal mine opening.
One of the coal trains was built along the north side the house and I heard those cars clickity-clacking through the day and night.

I have been to the "City" on many occasions in the past and recall the memories like yesterday. I can remember seeing the Mt. Carmel parade as it wound down the street back in the mid to late fifties from a porch above the street. However, it takes six hours to travel by car to get there, so I don't travel as often as I used to. I am trying, however, to find photos of that area, but I can't seem to come across any.
My message, today, is to see, perhaps, you know of anyone or any organization who may have photos of the street and homes circa 1970 and earlier. I would appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank you,

Scott M. Jameson

Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 23:09:25 EDT
Subject: Shenandoah - Brozosky

My aunt Elizabeth Markee married Edward P. Brozosky.
They are buried in St. Casimir Cemetery. Service was at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament. Ivins & Taylor was the funeral director.

Is the Brozosky family still in Shenandoah? Can you tell me how to contact them.

I would like to locate the graves so I can take a photo for our records.
Who would I contact to find their location in the cemetery?

Joe Majewski
Allentown, NJ
Bill Simons replied:
I'm not much of an expert on Shenandoah contacts living down here in NJ myself but I will post your message on the Shenandoah Memories Email page and hope that someone else who does know these things will get in touch with you.

I checked the Shenandoah White pages and found this listing
Brozosky, Dominick, 1172 W Centre St., SHENANDOAH, PA 17976 (570-462-0120).
I hope this helps.
Subject: Update on Shen Heralds Microfilm Project
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 09:32:37 -0400

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to everyone on this list who wrote in support of microfilming the Shenandoah Heralds through the US Newspaper Preservation Project. Pennsylvania has received grant money ($350,000) from NEH for 2 years and is presently considering which papers to microfilm.

The preservation coordinator Ms. Bentley Utgaard on July 12. and the committee met June 10 and decided to review the details of all the candidate papers in August. She said without doubt the Herald is in contention for microfilming, and in fact received the most interest and most letters of support. More than 50 letters and emails have been received. The letters have been read and will be presented with the information on the paper to the committee in August.

The committee consists of 17 librarians, historians, educators, professors, etc. So, anyone who has not written, or would like to have other friends write, please contact:
Ms. Bentley Utgaard
Pennsylvania Newspaper Project
402 Pattee LibraryUniversity Park, PA 16802
phone: 814-865-9475

Please express your support for microfilming the Heralds, such an excellent source of information on the history of anthracite coal region, immigration and labor history, and genealogy research for family historians all over the country.

Thanks to Diane Rooney
Chair, COALition for A Coalminers Commemorative Stamp

Bill Simons adds:
I urge everyone who has an interest in Shenandoah and its history to send a short email message to
"" urging the committee to microfilm the Shenandoah Evening Herald newspaper archives.
From: "Jim Roth"
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 17:57:46 -0500

Would anyone have the address of the kielbasa shop?
I hear it is one of Shenandoah's hidden treasures.

Thank you,
Jim Roth
From: "lisa moletzsky" <>
Subject: Re: Shenandoah/Lisa Moletzsky
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 21:48:50 -0500

I was born in Shenandoah and lived on White Street until I was 3 and then we moved to Bridgeport, PA. I have so many wonderful memories of Shenandoah, because of the numerous visits to see my grandparents on both sides and  cousins on my Dad's side of the family. ( the Cuff family). 
There was nothing like coming over the mountain and seeing The Rinaldi Chevrolet dealership and knowing that Main Street wasn't but a stone throw away!!
Yes, I have many memories, many due to the great people I met through my grandparents and parents, and how gracious the people of Shenandoah were to each other. My siblings and I and my second cousins felt like townspeople, when my grandmother made each of us a long "Centennial" dress, so we could participate in the Centennial parade and celebration back in the 60's. We thought we were the best dressed kids there. And the pennies that we got from our grandparents were spent at the 5 and 10!! And the best sundaes at Schattawies store on Main Street, near the Capitol movie theatre.
Thank you for letting me tell some of the most cherished ones.........there is nowhere I have ever been in my 47 years that lets every one know that it is 12 noon, as Shenandoah did (does?)....sounding the collier siren!!! Used to scare the snot out of me when I was little and was just a familiar and welcomed sound when I was older as I would console my little ones when we would visit! Thanks Bill......the memories are as clear as yesterday and make me long for that time when I was there with my family.
From: "lisa moletzsky" <>
Subject: Re: Shenandoah/Lisa Moletzsky
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 15:49:04 -0500

No, the fire was in the late 70's and although my grandparents house was damaged in the rear apartments and upper floor,they didn't tear it down until the late 80's. The home, that burnt down, that was next to them, going south on Main, was torn down and the alleyway for St Joseph's clinic,was placed there.

I remember the terrible fire on the same side of the street, going South, that included one of the movie theatres, but that was in the 60's, after a terrible snow storm. I remember my grandmother sending us pictures and it being in the Philadelphia newspapers. Thanks for any information you receive or pictures. Maher's Hall was the place to go and hear the Dorsey brothers band...I remember my Aunt Lizzie Maher telling us many stories.
From: "lisa moletzsky"
Subject: Re: Shenandoah/Lisa Moletzsky
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2004 16:57:20 -0500

Hi Bill,

Thanks for getting back to me. My grandmother, Elizabeth Ditchey Tarquini, owned the building at 33 N Main St, that was torn down to build an Eckard Drugstore? The store downstairs was Aranoff Dry Goods, with material for sewing and draperies. Prior to that, it was the storefront for Ditchey's Bakery. My grandparents lived upstairs. I do not know Sanford Aranoff. Thanks for posting to see if we receive any pictures.

Sincerely, Lisa Moletzsky
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 15:51:01 -0500
From: lisa moletzsky
Subject: Shenandoah

Dear Bill,

Just came across the web site, after a JWCooper HS reunion website was sent to
my mom. What a great site of memories! Just wanted to say that I was born at
Locust Mountain Hospital. My parents are John and Betty (Tarquini ) Dougherty.
My grandparents, John and Elizabeth (Ditchey) Tarquini, and Thomas and Sabina
(McDonald) Dougherty lived there, in Shenandoah, as well as my great
grandparents, Charles Ditchey, who owned the bakery that burned down.
I still, after 47 years, have wonderful memories of many, many visits to Shenandoah, to visit my family. I now know, how sheltered we were, to enjoy a small town
living, where everyone seemed to know each other as they passed on Main Street.
( that is where my grandparents lived! ).

If you have any pictures of the Ditchey bakery, before or after it burnt, or the Aranoff Building, which belonged to my grandparents, on Main Street, or the Mahers Hall, which is my father's Aunt Lizzie's home, I'd appreciate you posting them. I would love to show my mom and dad. This is a little bit of memory heaven, to see sites such as yours. Thank you again!

Sincerely, Lisa Dougherty Moletzsky
If anyone has pictures of the sites that Lisa mentions, please send them along and I'll be happy to post them here.
From: "Senavitis, Don"
Subject: Shenandoah - can you please modify my post
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 12:30:15 -0500

My name is Don, My Dad (Albert George Senavitis) was born in Lost Creek Pa. in 1925
His family moved to Florida Ave. in Shenandoah Heights before he was 1.
He lived in Shenandoah Heights / Shenandoah until he was 17 and has many fond memories.

His family ran a store on Florida Ave until he was about seven
Then the Stravinsky family took it over

I recently took my Dad to Shenandoah Heights for a visit
I'm wondering if anyone remembers the Senavitis family,

Taken from 1930 Census
Ann 16, Anthony 13, Della 9, Helen 7, Albert 5
Also Lenny (was born after 1930)
Mary (mother) 38
Joseph (Father) 41

Thanks for the Great Site!

From: "aranoff"
To: "Shenandoah" <>
Subject: Shenandoah
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 09:01:54 -0500

My name is Sanford Aranoff. Lived in Shena till 1952. In the 10th grade moved to Miami Beach.

Anyone know Rosemarie Raymond, Paula Sudan, Sandra Wolman?

From: "joe williams"
Subject: polish american fire co.
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 16:22:32 -0500




Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 17:26:54 -0800 (PST)
From: Edward Levitsky
Subject: Shenandoah

Hi Bill, I wonder if you would do me a favor. I was reading the e-mails on your web site when I came across the name of a classmate of mine of whom I haven't seen in 48 years.I sent an e-mail to the address listed for him but it came back as undeliverable. I realize that he could have changed it, but I was hoping that you would check your files to see if you were able to contact him. His address is listed as The e-mail was posted March 5, 2002.
thank you, Ed Levitsky
Bill Simons replied:
Hi Ed,
I have no other contacts for Bill Wychulis except for the same email address that is no longer valid.
I'll post your message on the Shenandoah Memories Email page and perhaps Bill will see it there and contact you.
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 21:47:19 -0500
Subject: Shenandoah
From: Thomas D Bellis

I wonder if anyone still remembers my Aunt Elizabeth Bellis the school
She was called Miss Bellis and Lizzie Bellis when she wasn't in their presence.
I am the son of her brother Chester Idwal Bellis. I would love to hear of the memories some of the older people have of my Aunt Elizabeth or my father Chester Bellis.

Rev. Thomas D. Bellis
ll9 N. Gotwalt St., York, Pa. l7404
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 19:19:21 -0500
From: Daniel Bubnis
Subject: Shenandoah mailbag


I'm doing a history of Shenandoah Churches, present and past, and I'm looking for an interior photo of the following former Shenandoah churches. I must emphasize, I do not want to keep the original, I merely would like to have it copied for my project. The interior photo's and information on the former churches I seek are:

All Saints' Episcopal (corner of W. Oak and S. West. Sts.) closed in 1956.

First Presbyterian (was across from First UMC on E. Oak and S. White Sts.) closed 1974.

First Congregational (corner of W. Columbus and S. West Sts.) closed in 1953

Holy Family German Catholic Church (W. Washington St. area) closed 1934

Bethany Evangelical United Brethren (N. Jardin St.) closed in mid-1970's

Calvary Baptist Church (S. Jardin St.) closed in 1983.

Any info. or contacts anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Bill, for letting me post this query on your webpage. Merry Christmas to all!

Dan Bubnis
From: "Richard Bozzone"
Subject: Shenandoah
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 08:23:24 -0500

Hope you might be able to help me. I do volunteer biographical research on professional football players. One of these players was born and we believe passed away in Shenandoah. His name was Byron Walter (Barney) Wentz. He played pro football in 1925 after graduating from Penn State. I believe he then coached football in and around Shenandoah at a local high school (but I'm not sure). I do know that he was retired from the State of Pennsylvania (civil service position) when he died.

Our information indicates that he passed away in May 1963. We are seeking his exact date and location of his death. Can you help us?

Any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your anticipated assistance.

Rich Bozzone, Pro Football Researchers Assn. (PFRA)
Bill Simons writes:
If anyone has any knowledge of Byron (Barney) Wentz please contact Rich Bozzone directly and please send me a carbon copy of the email so I can post it here.
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 21:19:35 -0500
From: Michael Paydo
Subject: Shenandoah

Hello, My name is Janet, I was wondering if anyone knew my grandparents or
mother.  My grandparents, Max and Reba Segal lived in Shenandoah most of their
lives until 1970's.  Max Segal owned a optometrist store on Center st and lived
there also.  My mom Shirley Segal lived there from 1933 (birth) until 1950
Please e-mail me at , if you know them.  My
mother who does not have e-mail was so excited when I showed her this website.

Janet Paydo
From: "Joann Marie MCcoy" <>
Subject: Re: Loan Company location
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 16:32:50 -0800

My name is Richard. I am asking would you know where the Girard Loan Company was located in the early 70's?
I believe it was located where the Beneficial Loan Company is now.
Please let me know.

Thank You Richard D. Eroh
Bill Simons replied:
I believe that the Beneficial Loan Company is now situated at the corner of Main and Oak Sts.
Back in the 40s, one of the veteran's pools and a newsstand were situated there on the North West corner but I don't recall a loan company.
Can anyone else answer Richards question??
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 22:56:37 EST



Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 20:40:39 -0700
From: Keith Rowley
Subject: Shenandoah

My grandparents lived in Shenandoah and my grandfather "Ray" was caretaker at the Oddfellows cemetary during the late 50's-early 60's. I have fond memories of them, and was wondering if anyone remembers them.
I recently found a cousin who replied to a previous inquirey.
From: "joe williams"
Subject: bottle
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 19:55:25 -0400



Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 16:10:07 EDT
Subject: the Camerons from Coal Street, Shenandoah

my aunts and uncle were from shendoah, as well as my mother:
Phillip, Rachel, Angie, Jean, Joe, Ralph, Marion (my mom), Nellie,
and Albert. they lived on coal street in the 1920s through the 1950s,
does anyone remember them?
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 11:08:28 -0400
From: Lorraine Heil
Subject: Shenandoah

My name is Lorraine Heil, granddaughter to John and Julia Gouba, last known address was on E. Center St, Shenandoah.
I am looking for genealogy information on my Grandmother Julia who passed away in December 1952. I have five different spellings of her maiden name (Brazowska, Brozosky, Brozoski, Brazawskas, & Brazauska. Children of John & Julia were Alfred, Edward, Walter, John, Benjamin, Alex, Mary, Florence, Helen and Adele. My Grandmother had a brother (name unknown) and a sister Mary who married John Lukashunas.
If anybody in Shenandoah knows of our family and can give me any information it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much,
From: "help"
Subject: a found bottle in the yard
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 22:39:04 -0400

i am from the shenandoah area.  i was doing some yard work and found a bottle it is clear glass round with a thick neck it reads p,j. cleary &bro shenandoah pa. on the bottom it reads r. hutter 10 d new york. the cap is unique it is made of a white ceramic, on the top of the cap it reads cleary bottling works shenandoah pa on the skinny part that goes in the bottle it reads pat'd k. hutter feb 7, 1883.
i didnt see this on your list below. if you would like i will take photos  and and send them to you, this came to a surprise when it was dug out...
happy bottling............penny
Bill Simons replied:
Hi Penny,

The bottle sounds very interesting.
I'm not a colector myself but if you wish to send me some photos of the bottle, I'd be happy to post them on the Shenandoah Memories site.
Perhaps someone will write in and let us know how rare or valauble your Cleary bottle really is.


Bill Simons - Manager - Shenandoah Memories web site.
From: "Sandi Slatick"
Subject: Shenandoah relatives, maybe??
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 21:25:07 -0500

My name is Ronald Stephen Slatick, and I live in Paducah, KY.  My father and mother were from the Shendandoah area.  I have been there many times, and like to visit the town. 
My father's name was Stephen Stanley Slatick, nicknamed "Lefty" and he was the second to the youngest of several Slatick children born of Onufry and Pauline Slatick.  He was deceased in 1992 and is buried in the Annunciation Cemetary, though he lived in Florida for the last 30 years of his life. 
My mother's name was Helen Foley and she was from Yatesville.  Her parents were Bridget and Patrick Foley.  She died in 1981 and is also buried in the Annunciation cemetary.  Other relatives in the town were Bill and Anne Harkins,  Ann and John Joyce, and various Slatick relatives. 
I am interested to know if anyone knew any of them? 

Thanks.  Ron Slatick
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2003 15:45:47 -0400
From: Sanford Aranoff
Subject: Shenandoah

I was born in Shena in 1937.
My name is Aranoff. Aranoff Wholesale Grocery on Main St.
Went to high school, but left in the 10th grade to move to Miami Beach.
Any reunion planned?
I would love to see pictures of the 1954 high school students!

Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 13:43:03 EDT
Subject: Mrs. Broom

I was born and raised in Shenandoah - 1940-1959.  My dad had the Shenandoah Music Company on South Main Street. I got married in '59 and moved away.

Mrs. Broom was my first grade teacher at the Jefferson School.  I remember her well.  She was wonderful!!!!  Teachers today do not have her patience and love of teaching.  She sat with me and taught me that you do not make an "8" by putting one circle on top of another one.  I will always remember that.

I have wonderful pictures of  the Shenandoah fire in 1955 when South Main Street went up in dad's store included.  I have the before and after professional shots of this if you are interested.

My best friend was Patti Clapps (114 South Jardin) where I spent many many hours. Maybe you knew the family.  Her mother and sister still reside there.

Anyway....hope to hear from you.   I enjoy your web page.

Evie (Itzkovitz) Feldman
From: "Mary Barinas"
Subject: Shenandoah Site
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003

My name is Joe Barinas I too lived in Shenandoah from 1938 to 1956. I found your "Bottled in Shenandoah" interesting My uncles operated The Barinas Bottling Works. It was short lived because of Prohibition. I believe they were bottling some beer in the soda bottles. If you can direct me to the proper site I may be interested in acquiring the bottle.
I like your pictures of Lake wood because we went there on many family outings  as well as Lake Side Park.
The Father Walter Ciszek School at St Casmir's Church was named after my uncle on my mother's side of the family.  

Thanks for your help
Joe Barinas
Bill replied:
Hi Joe,
Thanks for the email.
I found the Shenandoah bottles list at "http//".
It's been over a year so don't know if the Barinas soda bottle is still available but Good Luck.

My memory is pretty bad but I don't think that I have any pictures of Lakewood on my site. I would like to see them myself if you can remember where you did view them. I passedthrough that area many, many times driving up from Hamburg up to the coal regions.
I remember well the theater near the road ,that became a church and then burned down several years ago.
I'll post your message on the email page and perhaps someone who knew your family will get in touch.
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 16:1:13 EDT
Subject: Shenandoah!!!!!!

Hi Bill, Just found your site.   Great Job!  
Reading all the Emails brought back a lot of Shenandoah memories.  I grew up in town, left in 1966 at 18.  My father was Chester "Shakey" Jelenewicz, had a bar on Main ST, it was across from the Columbia Brewery. My Uncle was Peter Jellen. He was a teacher at Cooper high. I remember Mr. Chawanis, Ms. Fahey, and Mr. Quigley.  I remember our Blue Devils, parades, the noon whistle, the Flats, friends who were friends, the Strand & the Capital theaters, the pool halls, walking around Main St. Saturday nights, and my dog Duke!   Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Time to get out my old year books! 

Nancie Wingate
From: "Cathryn"
Subject: Shenandoah Query
Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 22:05:57

Hello from Salisbury, England,
I wonder if anyone might be able to enlighten me with some information concerning an ancestor of mine please?
Our Family Bible states  "Evan Lewis aged 26, died 5 October 1875 and buried in Oddfellows Cemetery, Shenandoah USA".  Evan Lewis was from the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales and we have no idea about what he might have been doing in Shenandoah or the circumstances surrounding his death.
I would be very interested to know anything of the history of the area/availability of burial records etc should anyone be prepared to advise me.
Thank you.
Bill Simons replied:

Thank you for your interesting inquiry about Evan Lewis.
I can guess that the reason that Evan was in Shenandoah, PA, USA was due to the large deposits of anthracite coal that was being mined there from about 1850 to 1945.
Shenandoah was a boom town in the 1870s attracting all sorts of adventureres including gamblers, writers, poets and labor organizers.
The fact that there was also coal mining on the Isle of Anglesey suggests a possible link.
A quote from the The Isle of Anglesey web site:
"Coal measures are located to the south west of the Island, consisting of thirteen coal mines of which four are more than one metre thick. Although the measures do not outcrop at the surface, the seams were worked intermittently between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries."
As to the cause of death, I can only observe that coal mining is a very dangerous entreprise now and even more so in 1875. My great grandfather's brother, a John Simons, after losing his job at a local store in a town close to Shenandoah, went to work in the mines and was killed in an accident. There are newspaper records for that period of time and they may hold an obituary for Evan indicating the cause of death. I'll have a quick look for one on my next annual visit to the town.
The Odd Fellows cemetery is actually in Shenandoah Heights, an area on the side of Locust Mountian which overlooked the town and collieries. The more well-to-do tended to build their homes and lived up on the Heights. I know someone whose father is buried there and I'll inquire about the condition of the cemetery and if burial records are available.
You might wish to subscribe to and search "" which has access to many burial records and some of the surviving passenger lists of boats coming into the ports of Philadelphia (the nearest ) and New York (the busiest). It's possible you might find Evan's name on one of them. also has access to some of the US Census records for 1870. These often listed  the residence, age, marital status, and occupation of all residents of the town for that year.
I'll post your message on the Email page of the Shenandoah Memories web site in case any descendents of Evan are extant and might visit the web site.


Bill Simons - Manager, Shenandoah Memories web site.
PS - My wife, who comes from Yorkshire, and I visted Salisbury and viewed Stone Henge a few years ago. A lovely and interesting area of England.
Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 21:48:37 EDT
Subject: Shenandoah

You lived on Jardin, I lived at 25 N Ferguson, from about 1949 to 58.
Went to Annunication and SCHS, moved to Detroit in 58 with my folks.
A lot of great memories of Shenandoah, now live in Battle Creek,Mi.
Remember little league baseball starting in 54 I think, played with the VFW team, remember the STRAND pool room on S Main, my dad worked at Harry Levitt's men's store on Main.
My first job was selling chances in believe it was Anvet's on corner of Oak & Main,15 cents an hour and 10 cents a sheet. We would go over to the pizza place across the street on Main afterwards.Was a great town to grow up in.

Jim Schaffer
Hi Jim,

Thanks for the interesting email.
Yes, I remember the Amvets pool very well. One of my teachers at the Penny School would send a student down every day with a dime to buy a number for the drawing. I think that the drawings were made on a Saturday night, I did manage to attend one even though it was after my bed time. It was quite a rowdy occasion.

I don't recall the Strand pool hall or the pizza place across the street but I practically lived at the Strand Theater.

I'll post your message on the Email page and perhaps someone else who knew you will write in.

Bill Simons
From: "Bill Young"
Subject: Shultz(Schultz)
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 00:18:02 -0400

Bill, great site!
In the 1890 census my g-grandfather, John Shultz (Schultz) is listed as
living at 501 W. Juneberry Alley, Shenandoah. He and his family apparently
lived with his father-in-law Christian Franks.
His wife was Elizabeth (Elisa), children - John Jr., Margaret (Maggie),
Theresa (Mary T.), Frank, Valentine (my grandfather), Joseph B., and
Gertrude (Elisa G.)
John served in the Civil War Co. G, 129th PA Infantry Regiment
Does anyone have any info on any of these or other Shultz (Schultz) living
in Shenandoah after 1890?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
What was the alley name changed to?
thank you,
Bill Young
Palo Alto
From: "Kevin & Melissa" <>
Subject: Love your website!
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 18:43:01 -0500

I was browsing your website because I am working on my family tree and my grandparents are from Shenandoah. I opened your link Store Ads from 1942 and I saw my Great-Grandmother’s café listed, Donczak’s Café. I was thrilled to see this. Do you have any hints on finding out more about this café? I also saw your school picture and I have a similar one of my grandfather.

Thanks for your wonderful website! I really enjoyed it.

Melissa Cooper
If anyone remembers Donczak's Cafe, please contact Melissa and let her know.
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 10:19:01 EST
Subject: (no subject) name is Annette. I was born and raised in Shenandoah Heights until I was 13 when we moved to Philadelphia.
I attended Weston Elementary School and then St. George's. I still have dreams of our house on Schuylkill Avenue.
My father and uncles were all miners who died young.
I thoroughly enjoyed looking through this site and I sent it to other
family members. I'll be back again and again. Many thanks!!
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 14:30:23 -0500
Subject: picture of St. Michael's church
From: "Nancy Sesok"

I'm trying to locate a picture, preferably in color, of St. Michael's Greek Catholic Church before the 1980 fire. I'd like to use it in a presentation for my parents' 50th
anniversary. They were married there in 1953. If you know where I could get a picture, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Nancy Sesok
Fallsmead Elementary
1800 Greenplace Terrace
Rockville, MD 20850
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 03:05:13 -0800 (PST)
From: Bill Simons
Subject: Re: Shenandoah/Tara Gardner

Hi Tara,
Thanks for the nice email. I'll post your message on the Email page and hope someone out there has some information about your family members.
======================================================== wrote:

Hi Bill,
Thanks for your wonderful site. 

I'm looking for info on the Fiefer family.  Many were coal miners some living in Mt. Carmel. Adam, Benny, Pearl, Helen.  We have very little info, Pearl married William Gardner(my grandparents)  Helen married Henry Baluta.  Any information would be so appreciated! 

Thanks for the great pictures!  Tara
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 20:34:52 EST
Subject: Re: Matt Mikosz

Hi Just got on your site and saw the note from Joe looking for info for Matt was posted awhile ago so I dont' know if he's still dad is from Shen. and he always talks about please let me know if you think joe is still int...

also I am looking for info on my dad as I'm trying to write his memoirs..I've been on the coal region website..but dont think I 've ever asked here..His name is Jerry Wolman...born in 1926 and his family lived there. He left when he married my mom in 1948..any infor would be wonderful...thanks..Helene Sacks
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 17:30:07 EST
Subject: Armed Forces

I thought you might like to participate in this.
If you are so inclined, visit the Department of Defense web page below and add your name to the list of folks thanking the men and women of the U.S. military services for defending our freedom. The compiled list of names will be sent out to our soldiers at the end of the month.
It's, "National Military Appreciation Month", so please pass it on to your e-mail friends.
It only takes 10 seconds...literally!
Subject: Shenandoah
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 14:40:29 -0800 (PST)

My grandfather was a coal miner with the Lehigh Valley Coal Company when he died in the mines "Driving a chute in to a pillar" (whatever that means) on May 13, 1927. 
My grandmother died (depression?) within two years, leaving my mother as an orphan at age nine.  She was raised by friends of the family on West Coal Street. Thanks to my mother, I am one half Lithuanian.
  When I was young during the mid to late 1950s, we would visit the family that raised her.  I do not remember too much, only the legal (or not) numbers game that was sponsored by the veterans directly in a storefront in the center of town.  

In your references you can include the book Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris. It is a biography of Theodore Roosevelt, and was published in 2002 by the Modern Library (New York.)  Shenandoah and the Coal Strike Riot of 1902 is mentioned on pages 132-135.  

Please use this information however you wish, but do not publish my name or e-mail address.  Thank you.    
From: "mike deppen"
Subject: Shenandoah- Bank
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 17:11:23 -0500

I have a question about the Coal Miner's Mechanical Loan Association from Shenandoah.Can you tell me anything about it.
mike deppen
Bill Replies: That name doesn't ring any bells with me. I re all that there was a Miners bank (Miners National Bank?) near the NW corner of Main and Centre back in the 1940s. My father got his car loans there and continued to do so for some years after we moved down to Philadelphia.
From: "children's safety book" <>
To: "Bill Simons" <>
Subject: Re: Shenandoah
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 14:54:44 -0800

Thanks. I believe my family spelled their name Nadaczny. And Enoch Adaskavage is the correct spelling, too. I know about the Shenandoah Valley, but my family told me that it was a Shoshone name. I am a children's author and I am trying to find out if there were any Shoshone in Pa.
I remember when we went to see my grandmother's grave, there was a robin's nest in a bush nearby. I think I was like ll years old. And during the winter the boys would make a fire and throw potatoes into it and cook them. And since we were so close to the railroad tracks, the whole house shook when the trains went by. Ah, shades of fond memories.

From: "Bill Simons" <>
To: "children's safety book" <>
Sent: Sunday, December 22, 2002 2:41 AM
Subject: Re: Shenandoah

Hi Bernadine,

I'll post your message on the Email page and see what others have to say about the origin of the name Shenandoah.
I'm fairly certain the the name was first used as the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, scene of many civil war battles. Perhaps the Shoshone indians lived in that region. Not sure why a town in PA should have adopted a southern name.
<> wrote:
I was looking for something else, and decided to put the word, "Shenandoah" into the search. And to my surprise I found you. I cannot believe how the town has changed! My family were the Nadashny's that lived on Laurel Street. They had a bar at one time, that was under the house. My father was Frank, my family had a boarder that was family, named Enoch Adashkavage.
Dad and I were in Shenandoah in l966. Dad has been gone now for l0 years. He lived in Long Beach, Calif. with my mother Mollie who came from near Pittsburg.
My grandparents were Michael and Anna. I have fond childhood memories of Shenandoah. I need someone to help me with this question. I was told that Shenandoah is Shoshone for the word "Paradise". Can anyone help me find out if the Shoshone Indians were in Penna? This was what I was trying to search out
when I found your site.
Best regards,

Bernadine Nadashny Harris
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 00:05:30 -0500
From: Jane Bensinger <>
Subject: Shenandoah -106 Jardin/Wesley Boyd

My great-uncle, Wesley BOYD, was minister at the Primitive Methodist Church at 106 Jardin St. from about 1912 till his death in 1964. His wife, Norah, stayed on in Shenandoah for about 10 more years until she died in 1974. I have such wonderful memories of visiting them as a child and being allowed to go over to the church to play (respectful playing, of course :-).

Anyone remember Wesley and Norah BOYD?
Jane Bensinger;
From: "Chris Byrne" <cbyrne@UDel.Edu>
Subject: Shenandoah
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 01:03:52 -0500

Hi there...

Was just writing to tell you I really enjoy the web site.
My grandparents lived in Shenandoah for most of their lives until they moved to Reading, Pennsylvania. I am not exactly sure where in Shenandoah they lived, but my grandfather worked in the mines after World War II. My grandmom's maiden name is Griffith and my grandfather is a Byrne. I'd love to know if you've heard of them.

Keep up the great work on the web page!

--Chris Byrne
Reading, Pennsylvania
Bill replied: I don't recall the names myself but I'll post your message on the Email page and perhaps someone else might and may contact you.
From: "michael mchale"
Subject: shenandoah
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 23:00:56 -0500

hi bill, enjoy your e-mail that people send. i have a new e-mail address for any of my classmates if they want to get a hold of me.
i graduated from shenandoah catholic high in 1963.

thanks, mike mchale
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 16:27:17 -0500
From: Rose Marie Dougal
Subject: Shenandoah

Hi Bill, I just visited the site again and went into links to other sites. Many of the pictures in the Popelis site are of the buildings by the Strand and they list the date of the fire as 1965.
I'm not quite sure which date is correct. It has great photos of Steif's drug store inside and outside. Regards, Rose
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 15:18:54 -0500
From: Rose Marie Dougal
Subject: Re: Shenandoah

Hi Bill, Good of you to answer. I don't recall the exact date of my brother's viewing, but I believe it was around February of 1987. Zakarawicz Jewelry store was next to the Strand and was completely destroyed and there were several other stores there also, I'm not sure if Weises Dress shop was one. I'm trying to recall what was on the corner where you thought the A&P was. I can remember it was a brick building and it seems to me it may have been part of the Colombia brewing Co. It's kind of fuzzy in my memory. I can't picture the front of the building only the side.
The A&P was on the same side as the Strand, next to it was Tomlin's pharmacy on the Strand side and on Center street side I believe it was Oppenheimer's Haberdashery. (Forgive my spelling of some of these name). Have you gone to the web site www. they have a large number of Cooper's graduates listed there. I'm sure you can really build your site with information from them. ================================================================
Subject: website pictures of shenandoah
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 10:14:46 -0500
From: "Malacusky, Albert F"

bill, the building on the corner of lloyd and white sts. is the old j.w. cooper high building...later shenandoah valley high, till the new school was built down by the football field, graduated from j.w. cooper in1964...... nice site
Al Malacusky, the library was next to the school ( south) on white st. , where u described it.
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 23:56:35 EST
Subject: Photo Finish!

Can't believe you didn't receive half-a-hundred answers to your question about the building at the corner of White and Lloyd Streets. It is/was J. W. Cooper High School--that's where the "publics" went. My dad taught there for many years. The school was directly across the street from the Kozy Korner--the "Kakey" hangout for those of us who went to Shenandoah Catholic H.S.

What a great place to grow up, especially those of us lucky enough to have been there in the '40s and '50s when the town was thriving as the upstate version of 'Happy Days.'

Best regards, Tom Quigley
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 16:35:28 -0500
From: Rose Marie Dougal
Subject: Shenandoah

Hey Bill, Just looked at your photos of Shenandoah, That building with doors marked boys & girls was my high school J.W. Cooper and indeed the lot next to it was the library and junior high school. My home room was on the third floor with Miss Fahey. Across the street was the old Wilson building which housed the music, Arts,Shop and home economics departments.
I lived just down the street next to the post office which was a center piece in the town. And the corner that you show as the former A&P. To my recollection the A&P was up toward Center Street in the middle of the block and directly across the street was another "supermarket" next to the pool hall I cannot recall the name. The Strand movie house was diagonally from the corner you described as the prior A&P site. I burned down the night my brother's viewing was being held across from the Lithuanian Church ( St. George"s) We all stood at the windows and watched. Your site has certainly brought back memories.

Regards, Rose Dougal
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 16:20:20 -0500
From: Rose Marie Dougal
Subject: Shenandoah

My name is Rose Marie Dougal graduated from Cooper High in the year 1955. Many names mentioned in your emails are familiar to me. Mr. Chowanes was one on my teachers. Have not been Back in the past two years, but prior to that many times. My home was at 129 N. White street. Any one remembering me please leave a note. Rose Dougal
From: "Daryl Leoce"
Subject: Shenandoah memories
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 15:18:22 -0400

Shenandoah memories

I was born in Shenandoah. My mothers family grew up there in a part of town called "The Patch" May have been West Mahoney street or something like that.
I think there was a bottling concern on that street. I remember they shipped soft drinks and the cream soda was red. The last name was Pribish and my Grandmother's maiden name was Besisparis(not sure of the spelling).

I remember Pasky's, which I believe was known for crab (deviled crab?) There was a club called "the Firehouse" that I think my folks used to go to and I remember they used to refer to 'The heights" but I don't know where it was. I also remember going
into town, where the movie theatre was ( I saw "Jack the Giant Killer" there with my granny).

In town, you could play some sort of lottery, where you purchased a chip with a number and placed in a large container. I also remember that there was a general store called Maxies or it was owned by someone named Maxie. Maxie's was at the top of the patch. Also I remember a woman named Mame Barrett lived there . Any info or recollections of the town or my memories would be appreciated.

Daryl Leoce
Bill Simons replies:

Hi Daryl,

Thanks for your email. I can answer a few of your questions, I'll post your message on the Email page and let others have a try with the rest.

There were various "patches" located around the edges of the town. The one I knew best was Yatesville, a mile or two to the east of town. The patches sprung up close to where each of the coal mining operations were being carried out.

The Shenandoah Heights are on the Hill north of Shenandoah where the hospital was located. A lot of "better off" folks built homes up there where the danger of mine cave-ins was less and more land was available so they could have bigger yards.

The lotteries you remember were called "pools" and there were two or three in town in the 1940s. They were run by the various veterans organizations (Amvets, VFW, etc). My second grade teacher used to send a pupil down with a dime to play her favorite number. On Saturday nights, they would select several brass tokens from a big rotating drum and pay out cash prizes to the winners. The pool I remember was at the corner of Main and Oak Sts. across from the Strand Theater. I think there was another a little further south on main St.
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 23:23:01 -0400
From: "mike mchale"    
Subject: shenandoah

i just got back from shenandoah the other day. took my wife and grandchild, he was very interested about the coal.
i graduated from shenandoah catholic high in 1963.
i miss all the good times growing up there, now live in michigan and retired. would like to here from some old class mates.

thanks for the site, mike mchale
From: "Gene Urbanavage"
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 14:30:45 EDT
Subject: (no subject)

My name is Gene Urbanavage, I was born in shenandoah in 1941. I lived on East Mt Vernon street. I graduated from Shenandoah high school in 1958. I joined the service and was stationed at Fort Knox . I married right out of the army and have lived in Louisville Ky. I still have relatives in Shenandoah and visit there occasionally, not as often as I'd like to. I enjoy your web sight, it brings back a lot of fond memories. Gene
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 18:47:36 EDT
Subject: shenandoah

hi i was just up visiting pa and one of our side trips was to shenandoah. My mom is turning 80 this year so we took her over to shenandoah.
She was born there and lived there until she was about 5 years old her fathers last name was Murrat and he worked in the coal mines until they moved maybe you may have some infomation about shenandoah or someone that may have lived in shenandoah in 1913- 1930 if you do great please email me and let me know, thank you so much!
Bill Simons replies:
This was way before my time. Anyone else recall the family name "Murrat"??
Hi Jess,

I checked the Social Security death Index (SSDI) for Robert Dove and found an entry for a person with that name who died in PA in June 1968.

"Robert Dove, SSN # 187-24-8587, Born Aug. 3,1925, Died June 1968."
This man would have been nearly age 43 at his death.

If you think this is the person you're looking for, you can order a copy of his Social Security application for $ 29 from the Social Security administration.

That application form (SS-5) would contain the following information:

I came to America from England in Nov, 1965 to New York and things did not go as I thought and found I had no where to go when I lost my job and remembered I had an Aunt in Shenandoah who married a GI during WW2. I Found her and came down to stay for a while in Nov 1965-1966 and it was wonderful coming from NY on a Lands to Sea bus and remember the scenery as it was Christmas time with all the lights. Left as I was unable to find a job and came back several times to visit but over the years have lost contact with my cousins and cannot find them. Also my Aunt and Uncle passed away and I have been on some cemetery sites and found nothing as yet and have written to a funeral home there where the card is from .

Maybe someone can help me again the name was Michael & Doris Murphy and they lived there the whole time they were married. Had three girls my cousins Mary Ellen, Catherine (Penny) and Roseanne who went to your schools there. Adopted three boys, Michael, Tommy and David. Would much like to find out this information. Enjoyed your site and brought back lots of memories.
Thanks, Patricia E.Randall Wetteroth. New York State and England.
From: "Gottshall, Brian SGT (1AD DIVARTY 1-94 FA HHS MNT)" <>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 12:34:05 +0100
Subject: Serving my Country

Hello My name is SGT Gottshall I'm from Shenandoah, lived at 314 N Jardin St.
My mom still lives there. Just want to say hello and God Bless Shenandoah.
I'll be back when I retire from the Army, love serving my country. Right now stationed in Baumholder, Germany just waiting for my country to call us to do our job on the battle field, SGT Gottshall HHS 1-94th Field Artillery. God Bless
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 22:06:07 EST
Subject: Hi Bill - Just saw your website

I just saw your site, and I'm wondering if you might have known my mother. I think she was about your age - born in 1936. Her name was Pat Klemy (but I think she went by "Patsy" then). She lived at 219 East Coal St., a home I sold only a few weeks ago but hadn't been back to in quite a while. We also have some very sweet memories of the town, but it's changed quite a bit now.

Beth Neville
Hello Beth,

Your mother's name doesn't ring any bells for me although I only remember a very few names of kids that I went to school with or knew from the Methodist Church congregation.

Her Coal street address was about 7 blocks from our home on Jardin Street so we probably wouldn't have known each other from playing in the street.

I'll post your message on the Mailbag page and perhaps someone else will remember her.
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 12:22:05 -0800 (PST)
From: Elizabeth Harkin <>
Subject: Shenandoah

Hi Bill,

I saw your website. My mother grew up in Shenandoah and my grandparents lived there their entire lives. Do you remember them? Spike & Della Polukis.
Until their deaths, both in 1993, they were married longer than anyone in town, almost 72 years. They lived in William Penn, just outside of town. Please let me know if you know them. I am considering compiling some stories about my grandfather and am looking to contact some people who knew him.

Thank you.

-Liz Harkin
Subject: Shenandoah memories
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 10:22:00 -0500

Hi Bill: I lived in Shenandoah from 1937 (born) until I enlisted in the Navy in 1955. Our house was located at 504 East Centre Street. I enjoyed reading your memories and have to admit, I was probably one of those boys at the "bubble gum riot". I also remember getting the chemistry set and blowing up a pile of "stuff" which managed to burn three of my fingers (not seriously). Many thanks for taking me back to those years.

Bill Wychulis Silver Spring, MD
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 13:14:38 -0500

Hi Bill,

My name is Tom Russo, and my mom's family is from Shenandoah as well. Her name was Maryann Demanczyk, and they lived on Coal Street. My uncle Russell (Demanczyk) now owns the house at 815 West Coal Street. My uncle, John Chowanes, was a teacher in the public school. I was just up there a couple of weeks ago for my great aunt's funeral (Anna Lesko)....

I just wanted to say hello...At some point I'll write you a Shenandoah memory .... easter at St. Michael's church!

Tom Russo
From: "Jim Hallas"
Subject: Cpl. Anthony Damato
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 11:35:52 EST

 Came across your page and wondered if you or anyone had any personal
recollections of Cpl. Anthony P. Damato, USMC, killed on Eniewetok Feb. 19
while serving with 4th Marine Division.

Received Medal of Honor, which I understand  was presented April 9, 1945 in a big ceremony at Damato's high school in Shenandoah. Presented to his mother, Mrs. Forest Damato. I'm putting together biographies of WWII USMC Medal of Honor winners and would welcome any memories of Cpl. Damato from old friends, schoolmates, family members, etc.

Jim Hallas
Portland, CT

From : "Tom Hinks" <>
Subject : Shenandoah, Lost Creek, and Odd fellows.
Date : Fri, 9 Nov 2001 16:40:49 -0500

Dear Bill,
My Grand mother and her family is from Shenandoah, Lost Creek 1 and some of my relatives are still there in Oddfellows up in the Heights. We used to make it up there every memorial day to leave flowers and spend some time there. I remember going to the Lyric cafe and driving up Catherine st. where my great grandparents Thomas and Ida Hinks lived with my grandmother Lorraine and her brothers and sisters Joe, Harrison, Peg, Joan, Raymond and another sister whose name I've forgotten.

I will never foget the fire hydrant painted like a dog or the Woolworth store with 2 floors nor will I forget Oddfellows cemetary and standing beside a grave that bears my name. I felt at home there on my visits and at times guided to places that I've never been to, and telling my Grandma about them. She asks me "how in the world did you find those places I used to go there when I was a kid" Strange isn't it? Satisfying isn't it?

Sincerely yours

Thomas Hinks
From: "edward mintz" <>
Subject: Shenandoah..ancestral home
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 23:30:01 -0400

Hi Bill, I just found out tonight that Shenandoah was indeed one of my ancestor's home towns. I always thought it was Schuylkill Haven. After chasing web ancestral data, I found what I thought was a mention of my grandmother in the 1890 Shenandoah 3rd ward census. My mother confirmed that it might be, but could not verify it.

If you or someone you know have knowledge of the family names of either Hartz or Mintz, please let me know. I understand there may have been a tavern or bar in Shenandoah that was owned by the Mintz's, probably in the 1910 - 1940 time frame. Grandmother's name was Sophia Hartz, grandfather was Walter Mintz, with a brother Joseph and a sister, name unknown. My grandmother had a brother John and brother Charles.

Thanks for any information you might have and would like you to know your web page was good to visit.

Ed Mintz
Joe Kurilla <>
Subject: Matt Mikosz
Date: April 30, 2001 11:17:47 PM EDT

I'm looking for info on the accomplishments of Matt Mikosz, who played football for SHS in the 40's. Stats like TD's--points scored--Yards gained and punt average, etc
I've tried the Pottsville Republican but no luck. Any help will be appreciated.

Joe Kurilla, class of 46

Ed. Note: Can anyone out there help Joe?

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"Shenandoah" in the subject line.